Datsun Roadster Owner's Gallery

Owner: Tom Clifton

It's a 1970 Datsun Roadster 1600. I purchased the car 5 years ago from Greg's Japanese Auto in Federal Way, Washington. It sat behind his building for 8 years and it was a mess, but a diamond in the rough. I purchased it for $700. There was a long chain of events in finding parts for this car, and you see the results of my efforts in the picture I sent you. I met Greg Burrows, a fellow Roadster owner, who I became good friends who helped me rebuild the car. One day, I walked into an upholstery shop and asked the man behind the counter how much it would cost to reupholster the seats on the Roadster. We too had become good friends and a few weeks later, he upholstered my whole car for free. Score! As in the movie "Frankenstein Lives" these cars have become an addiction for me. I since then have collected two more roadsters. I now own a 68 and a 69 Roadster. The 68 has a small block Ford 289 and the 69 is going to have a KA24E motor installed. Vroom Vroom!