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DATSUN.ORG for sale

By Greg Valazza, posted November 11, 2019

This site shows just part of what I would guess to be the largest collection of Dastun Roadster related materials in the world: Owner's Manuals, Service Manuals, Service Bulletins, Parts Catalogs, Press Photos, Press Kits, brochures, calendars, posters, model kits, diecast cars, remote control bodies, books, and more. This collection was painstakingly gathered from from Europe, Japan, and the US for a cost of over $20,000. The domain and or site can be included with this purchase.

I am currently working on doing an inventory of this collection. Please check the site out and shoot me an email to if you have any questions or interest. I am planning on selling this entire collection off together as I don't see having time to spend selling items one by one.

Some samples of pieces not posted on the site: Top left: Press photos, Top right: Datsun France intro of the 67 2000, Bottom left: the rarest and most expensive Datsun brochures I've found to date commanding $400+, Bottom right: a deceivingly common brochure is actually the rarest brochure I know of - only came across one in 25 years - a Canadian French translation brochure of the US issue.

1967 Datsun 2000 - Car number 152 is for sale SOLD

Update: 152 sold immediately to the original owner's son at a market price. Glad to see this is going back home after 20 years.

By Greg Valazza, posted October 18, 2019

After much soul searching, I've decided to sell #152 which I've owned for over 20 years. The car is an original, numbers matching car with a long history that can be tracked to the early days of the Mount Shasta roadster meet where Coleman Hastings used to bring it down from Oregon to win show awards. This is the real deal, with the comp oil pan, proper solex air filter cover, original license plate trim ring, frosted headlight bezels. With the car comes a NOS 8000k tach, NOS 160mph speedometer, NOS clock, NOS temp/oil guage, and an amp/fuel guage believed to be unused, NOS knobs, extra grill (I think). I'm currently working to determine a price. Please contact me if you would like a link to a gallery I've put together.