Datsun Roadster Resources

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 Datsun Competition Preparation Manual
now available in PDF

DATSUN.ORG brings Bob Sharp's infamous Datsun Competition Preparation Manual direct to your laser printer.

 Roadster Wallpaper

Three new Datsun Roadster wallpaper backgrounds for your desktop.
 Classic Fairlady Roadster Register

DATSUN.ORG is proud to team up with Rob Beddington's Classic Fairlady Roadster Register. Rob hosts one of the largest collections of Datsun Roadster resources around the world.


Datsun Roadster Model Guide -Greg Valazza
Datsun Roadster Production Numbers -Greg Valazza
Datsun Roadster Buyer's Guide -Thomas Walter
Tom's Tech Tips -Thomas Walter
1967 Datsun 2000 FAQ -Greg Valazza
Paint Codes -Dann Bramhall, Greg Valazza
Parts Catalog -Leigh Brooks
Datsun Competition Preparation Manual 2000 -Bob Sharp, Greg Valazza
Datsun Competition Preparation Manual 1600 -Bob Sharp, Tim Waltz
Articles in Selected Periodicals -Greg Valazza


Leigh's QTVR Collection -Leigh Brooks
Wallpaper -Greg Valazza
Datsun Roadster in The Incredibles -Greg Valazza


Parts and Restoration Services
Datsun Roadster Clubs
Owner's Pages
Datsun Roadster Mailing List