Parts and Restoration Services

Roadster parts are often hard to come by, but there are a number of vendors specializing in Datsun Roadster parts and restoration around the country. If you have good or bad experiences with any of the vendors listed here, please let me know so that I can pass those experiences to others.

Rallye Enterprises
Dan Bramhall of Kapowsin, WA probably has the largest inventory of NOS parts you're going to find for the Datsun Roadster. He has the most complete parts catalog available online.
(360) 893-4200

Sports Imports
Ross Mullen has been supplying Datsun Roadster parts for over 20 years. He is one of the original founders of the Mount Shasta Datsun Roadster meet.
(604) 538-5615

Dean Apostal in Southern California has one of the most complete parts catalogs online with photos and prices. He has a large selection of NOS parts, and has reproduced numerous items that are no longer available.
(818) 363-2015

Classic Datsun Motorsports
Les Cannaday is the most public figure in roadster restoration and sells a number of parts and interesting reproductions. His shop in Southern California is well known for its quality restorations and was responsible for providing many of the cars used in Nissan's Dream Garage ad campaign.
(760) 940-6365

Datsun Sports
Mike Young of San Francisco deals mainly in Roadster restorations and service, but also sells parts. He has a number of Roadster manuals that he has reproduced.
(707) 928-4029

Rising Sun Racing
Don Morrell of Bristol, Tennesee, who took over Rising Sun Racing from previous owner Scott Sheeler has many new and used Datsun Roadster parts.
(423) 878-3147

Fairlady Parts
Gerardo Magaņa and Lou Smaldino have teamed up to offer a large number of new and reproduction parts.
(209) 499-9193
(559) 288-8280

New Datsun Parts
Carl Jaeger of Port Coquitlam, B.C. offers full restoration services and many new and used parts. He has quite a few Roadsters for sale from projects to complete restorations.
(604) 728-4365

Stan Chernoff
Stan Chernoff of Torrance, CA has a number of NOS and reproduction parts.
(310) 320-4554

Z Specialties
Oliver Naugle of Snohomish, Washington, specializes in the Z car, but also works on Roadsters and sells parts.
(360) 668-2979