Datsun Competition Preparation Manual

DATSUN.ORG presents the "bible" of preparing your Roadster for the track by veteran racer Bob Sharp. While over thirty years old, the manual is still a wonderful resource chocked full of schematics and photographs of the 1500, 1600, and 2000 Roadster.

Special thanks go to Bob Sharp who has graciously granted permission to reprint the manual for the goodwill of the Datsun Roadster community.

Converting Bob Sharp's Datsun Competition Preparation Manual into Adobe Acrobat format took just over 50 hours. The process began by scanning the original pages at 300dpi. Text and schematic illustrations on each page were individually adjusted for contrast and then converted to 1-bit for optimal printing on laser printer. Photos were kept at 8-bit and were individually descreened to minimize the original course print screen, retouched to remove dust and printing artifacts, leveled, and sharpened. All of the pieces were then recomposited in Adobe PageMaker 6.5 and exported into PDF format.

Datsun Competition Preparation Manual (10.6M PDF)
If you do not have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, you will need to download it free from Adobe.

This electronic version of the Datsun Competition Preparation Manual is ©2000, DATSUN.ORG. It is not to be redistributed via the Internet, CD-ROM, or other electronic means without the prior written permission of DATSUN.ORG.