CAR NO. SR311- 00662
ENGINE NO. U20- 0 1 3 4 4

Owner: Jan & Neville Bewsell
Location: Australia

We recently purchased SR311-00662. The ID plate, and chasis and engine numbers all match. The car had been in storage since 1986 in regional Victoria, Australia. It was purchased by the previous owner in Melbourne, Australia in 1981 prior to having a partial restoration. It is a factory solex car complete with finned aluminium sump, 160 mph speedo, 8000 rpm tach, and the original chrome number plate surround. Apart from being repainted in Datsun red as opposed to its original white, and some minor cosmetic modifications including the fitting of a fiberglass drivers guard, the car is original in all respects.

Jan & Neville Bewsell (6/26/2006)