CAR NO. SRL311- 00701
ENGINE NO. U20- 0 0 X X X

Owner: David Piña
Location: California

This car was imported by Parkinson Datsun in Los Angeles. Dan Parkinson and his father prepared it as a race car, it was never registered as a street car. The rough cut through the trunk for the roll bar braces was done by them. Mr. Parkinson had a reputation for his straight forward preparation. Later FAR Performance installed the fuel cell and brake proportioning valve. Dan raced it from 1967 to 1972. His success is unknown at this time.

On April 19, 1972, Kirk Allegro bought #701 from Dan Parkinson. Kirk was employed as the parts man for Pete Brock Racing Enterprises, known as BRE. Kirk raced it in D Production in the south western division SCCA placing third in the standings behind Don Devendorf in a Triumph GT 6, and John Morton in the BRE Datsun 2000*

In 1972, Kirk was invited to the American Road Racing Classic in Atlanta, where only the top drivers in each class in each division are invited. At the championship race, Kirk was in third place near the end of the race when the fourth place car, seemed to have a tire problem and slowed down. For some reason, Kirk slowed also. At the last moment the fourth place car accelerated and passed the unsuspecting Kirk for third place.

SRL311 #701 was also used for a Datsun T.V. commercial. Datsun was shooting a commercial advertising its racing performance, specifically the Trans Am Championship BRE 510, and also used the BRE 240Z the BRE team roadster of John Morton or Frank Monise, a 1600 roadster, the African Safari winning sedan, and an off road racing truck. For some reason the BRE team roadsters were not available, so BRE painted Kirks' car, #701, in the BRE color scheme, with a blue hood, numbered it 45, and sent it out for the commercial shoot.

On February 9, 1973 # 701 was bought by Rob MacFarlin of Foreign Auto Repair Performance, better known as F.A.R. Performance of Mountain View, Ca. He changed its color scheme to FARs scheme. Rob raced it in D Production, in the SCCA National level in the San Francisco Region. Rob also went to the ARRC in 1973. His results are not known at this time. In 1974 Ed LaMantia, the service manager for FAR Performance, took #701 to the SCCA drivers school and competed in the SCCA Regional series. On June 1,1975 I, David Piña, the current owner, bought #701.

I changed it to its current color scheme. I participated in Solo 1 and Solo, ll which included a 1/4 mile banked oval, San Jose Speedway, in the S.F region in 76 and 77. In late 77, I went to SCCA School at Holtville and Willow Springs, and in late 77 through 79 raced it at Sears Point and Laguna Seca. In 1978 this car took me to the D Production Regional championship with five firsts places and one second place in class finishes. 1979 was a disaster year with 4 Did Not Starts and 1 Did Not Finish. I decided to sit out 1980 to spend more time with my wife and new daughter. I ended up being retired from racing. The car sat as a storage rack until late 1998, when I decided to revive it. It is currently in process of being restored to its past glory, as a semi Team BRE car. I plan to autocross and Vintage Road Race it.

Known Racing History:
Kirk Allegro raced it at:
Willow National 4/22/72 ( Willow Springs, Ca)
R.I.R. Regional, National 5/24 /72 (Riverside)
Utah National 9/3/72 (?)
Willow National 9/16/72
A.R.R.C. 72 (4th place)

Rob Mc Farlin raced it at:
Riverside National 2/9/73 (placed 2nd region 3rd National)
Willow National 4/14/73 (dnf)
Laguna National 5/5 73 (1st)
Laguna Regional 5/19 (1st)
R.I.R. National (dns)
Portland National 6/9/73 (2nd)
Olympia Sprints 6/24/73 (2nd)
Seattle National 7/7/73
Oregon Grand Prix 7/21/73
Kent S.I.R. 8/10/73
Sears National 9/15/73
Bondurant Challenge 9/10/73
Champion Classic 10/28/73

Ed LaMantia took it to drivers school then:
Laguna Seca Regional 6/1 /74
June Sprints 6/29/74
Sears Point Regional 7/13/74

David Piña raced it In D production:
Holtville, Ca SCCA school 10/18/75
Willow Springs, Ca SCCA school 11/15/75
Sears Point Regional 4/3-4/76
Laguna Seca time trial 4/7/77 (dns)
San Jose Speedway, Ca 8/7/77 Solo 1 (1st )
Can Am Regional Sears Point 9/23-4/75 (5th blown tire)
Sears Point, CA Solo 1 10/75 (1st)
Sears Point Regional 11/5/75 (1st)
RDC Enduro, Sears Point 11/6/77 (broke axle at one hour)
Sears Point Regional 4/22-78 (1st)
Sears Point Trans Am / Regional 5/19-22/78 (1st)
Laguna Seca Regional 6/3-4/78 (1st)
Laguna Seca Regional 7/15-6/78 (2nd)
Inaugural Pacific Coast Road Racing Classic, Sears Point, 9/22-4/78 (dnf)
Laguna Seca Regional 10/21/78 (1st)
Sears Point National 8/10/79 (dns)
Second Pacific Coast Road Racing Classic, Sears Point, 9/22-3/79 (dnf)

Technical information:

Engine: U20, 1986 CCs, single overhead cam, inline 4 cylinder,. 040 overbore Pistons: Arias (BRE used Venolias*) Crankshaft and connecting rods lightened, shotpeened and balanced with pistons. Head and intake manifold ported and polished cc’d. Valves lightened, reshaped, and polished.

Camshaft: BRE 02, adjustable timing, made by Isky*

Exhaust: Snake 1 1/2” diam. equal length headers, over and under frame rail, through front left fender into a collector into 3 inch tube, into glass pack, exiting in front of left rear tire. While actively racing in 67 through 79, this car did not use a muffler of any kind, just the straight through 3 inch tube.

Horse Power: in '72 With S. U carburetors 205-10 H.P. With Solexes, 210-15 H.P.*

Redline: 8,100*

Other features:
Datsun compassion 7 quart oil pan
Front frame brace, possibly BRE in origin.
BRE remote oil unit, filter in right fender, with oil cooler behind the right headlight opening. 3 inch thick radiator Datsun Compassion low drag alternator Original BRE Paint scheme was epoxy paint, done by Dave Kent of Creative Car Craft, in Gardenia, CA*
Front “SPOOK” scoop/spoiler was by Wayne Hartman Fiberglass, Glendale, Ca.*

Transmission: Close ratio 5 speed

Brakes: Front - stock calipers with Ferodo DS11 pads Rear - stock 13/16 bore cylinders with Datsun Compassion “Green Stuff.” At some point, while at FAR Performance, this car was equipped with Datsun 510 sedan rear cylinders, reason unknown. I have switched it back to roadster cylinders.

Springs: Front; BRE yellows Rear; BRE Squirrelies all made by Hollywood Spring and Coil* Shock Absorbers: Front; Koni ---- adjustable Rear; Koni ---- adjustable Sway Bars: Front; BRE 1” non adjustable Rear; none, no Panhard rod Front frame brace bar

Differential: Detroit Locker, 5.13 or 4.62 limited slip.

Currently the car has a full cage, as required in ‘79,I removed the headrest in ‘79 and a new spoiler is in the wings.

David Pina (5/4/2000)

*Information supplied by Kirk Allegro