CAR NO. SRL311- 00550
ENGINE NO. U20- 0 0 X X X

Owner: Lester Fox
Location: California

I originally purchased the car in 1973 from a Datsun dealership mechanic who had just rebuilt the engine only to find that the block was cracked. The cracked block overheated and warped the brand new head. I bought the car with a new factory engine on order. We were told that the engine was the last remaining factory engine available and was found by the local (Chico, CA) dealership at a dealership in Texas. I found a used head and put the car together. I sold the car in 1976 and the new owner wrecked it shortly thereafter.

I was sitting at my desk in 1993 when a lady called and said she was getting a divorce and had a car in her garage that she wanted to get rid of. She didn't know what kind of car it was and didn't have any paperwork, but there was an old PG&E bill in the glove compartment with my name on it and if I wanted the car, come and get it. I couldn't believe my luck, because of all the cars I had owned, that was the one car I always regretted selling. I was still the last registered owner and it still only has a couple of thousand miles on that new motor. It runs great except the cam is bad on the used head. The interior and running gear is in good shape. The body is pretty rough though as several people had attempted to repair it after it was wrecked.

Lester Fox (2/2/02)