CAR NO. SRL311- 00406
ENGINE NO. U20- 0 0 7 8 7

Owner: Dave Premo
Location: California

The car as I got it was a D production racecar and I did not want to race it, as it had successfully survived to the point when I acquired it, so it was restored to street trim. The restoration was a complete body off with every last nut, bolt, clip etc. removed and body stripped to bare metal and repaired, painted, and re-assembled. The car has a set of type 4 Mikuni Solex carburetors, custom ground cam with .496 lift and a bunch of little modes to make it get up and go, as well as the 7 quart Solex oil pan. The color is 562 Turquoise a 1500 color not the Sora Blue that most people mistake it for. The car is a super fun to drive as with all its little modifications it is just flat out fast.

Dave Premo (7/4/2008)