Japanese Magazine Articles

"My Fairlady." Scramble Car Magazine. Vol. 74 No. 3, 1986.
Lovely front cover featuring full page drawing of US SCCA Race 1600 by famous Japanese artist "Bow". 11 page article covers SP/SR Owners Club in some depth and shows Twin Cam 6 cylinder, 12 spark plug/twin distributor Fairlady 2000 engine as used in the 1966 Japanese Grand Prix. (summary by Rob Beddington)
"Fairlady SRL311" Old-timer. No. 1, Summer 1991.
6 page color article featuring a 1970 SRL311. 48 color photos of parts and restoration.
"Miss Fairlady." Nostalgic Hero. Vol 33 No. 10, 1992.
A must for a roadster buff even if you can't read Japanese. Includes some of Mr. Iizuka's design drawings for the SP(L)310 as well as a number of the prototypes. There is a feature on the Japanese Touring Class winner of the 1963 Japanese GP meeting with excellent photography by Tajima Haru as well as features on an SPL213, Nissan Silvia and Nissan R382 prototype. (summary by Rob Beddington)
"Fairlady SR311" Old-timer. No. 8, February 1993.
4 page color article featuring a 1967 SR311. Also includes a 3 page article "Fairlady in U.S.A." which covers Les Cannaday's restoration shop.
"Nissan Silvia CSP311" Old-timer. No. 10, June 1993.
11 page color article covering the Silvia CSP311, Nissan's limited production coupe based on the 1600 roadster platform.
"Maintenance File SR" Vintage Car Japan. Vol. 1, 1995.
16 page section on the SR311 roadster with 4 sections on: Power Pack, Running Device, Body, Interior and Exterior. More than a hundred photos.
"Grand Tourism" Vintage Car Japan. Vol. 3, 1995.
Four page color pictorial section featuring 1967 SR311-00564.

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