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Datsun Dash
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$2465 Package Deal
(Only the Girl is Optional)
Datsun Dash
Datsun Dash...
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Rarin' to race?
Rare full page ad from a 1967 Laguna Seca race program.
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Datsun sweeps the field
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Datsun takes a beating at Bondurant
Datsun: The Track Star
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The Big Datsun Difference
Wins Again..Again..And Again!
Datsun: The Track Star
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Datsun: The Track Star
Datsun: The Track Star
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Datsun: The Track Star
Dream Garage
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Men drooled. Wives were jealous.
Two page spread appearing as part of the Nissan Dream Garage ad campaign. Appeared in numerous auto magazines most notibly on the inside cover of the 50th Anniversary of Road & Track.

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