Torque Values and Tune Up Specifications
for Datsun Roadsters

R-16 (1600cc OHV) Engine

Headbolts (aluminum head)50 ft-lb
Headbolts (steel)50 (1)
Connecting rod bolts45
Main caps (3 main - SAE)75
Main caps (5 main - Metric)65
Flywheel to crankshaft35
Camshaft bolt30
Valve Cover10
Crank Pulley100 (2)

U-20 (2000cc OHC) Engine

Headbolts65 ft-lb
Connecting rod bolts65
Main caps65
Camshaft (two bolts)13
Valve Cover5
Clutch Cover25
Crank Pulley150


(1) I know I have seen different specs for the aluminum and steel heads. The bolts are the same, but the early Bob Sharp manual recommended 60 ft-lbs. for the steel head when used for racing, otherwise 45 to 50 ft.lbs.

(2) I've see it also listed at 150 ft-lbs. Metric engines specified 145 ft-lbs; Early SAE engine listed only 100 ft-lbs.

Common Tune Up Numbers

Valve Clearance

1500/1600.017" HOT (Recommended)
 .021" Cold
2000intake  .008" HOT
 exhaust .012" HOT
Points .018-.021"
Dwell49-52 degrees

Ignition Timing (at idle)

'66-'67 160016 BTDC at 600 rpm
'68-'70 16000  TDC at 700 rpm
'67 SU 200016 BTDC at 700 rpm
'67 Solex 200020 BTDC at 600 rpm
'68-'70 2000 0  TDC at 700 rpm

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