Articles in Selected Periodicals

This is a listing of articles featuring the Datsun Roadster that have appeared in magazines throughout the years. The best place to start is the book Datsun Roadsters 1962-1971 which is a collection of many of the articles included in this list.

"Datsun Sports 2000." Modern Motor. November 1967.
Australian road test of the 1967 SR311.

Blunsden, John. "Road Test: Datsun 2000." Sports Car Graphic. December 1967.
U.S. road test of the 1967 2000. Eight photos of an original 1967 2000 showing engine compartment, covered spare tire in trunk, and other exterior and interior views.

"Datsun 1600/2000." Road Test Annual. 1967.
1967 Datsun 1600 and 2000 are compared side by side in this U.S. roadtest.

"Datsun 2000." Car and Driver. June 1968.
Car and Driver road test of the 1968 2000. Subhead reads: "Great looks it doesn't have but who cares?" Author refers to the high windshield 2000 as a giraffe transporter, but has genuine praise for the car.

"Datsun 2000 Sports" Popular Imported Cars. July 1968.
Brief summary of the 1968 2000. Seven photos including a shot of the "Nissan Air Injection System" decal.

"Datsun 2000: Soft But Tough." Sports Car World. September 1968.
Australian review of a 1968 SR311 with solex carbs. The specs in this article give the roadster its best published 0-60 time of 8.8 secs.

Walordy, Alex. "Race Rigging the 2000 Sports." Popular Imported Cars. November 1968.
Interesting overview of what it takes to transform a stock 2000 into a race car. 15 photos.

"Datsun 2000 Sports." Technicar. June 1969.
South African road test of the high windshield Datsun SR311. Article is full of praise for the 2000 including the styling which it finds to be of Italian roots.

"Datsun 1600/2000." Road Test. January 1970.
The 1970 model Datsun 1600 and 2000 are compared side by side in this U.S. roadtest.

Moss, Sterling. "Datsun 2000 Road Test." Popular Imported Cars. January 1970.
Sterling Moss, former Formula 1 driver, test drives the Datsun 2000. While not overly excited about the car, he does have plenty of good things to say about it.

Ikeda, Eizo. "Evolution of the Datsun Sports Cars." Motor Magazine International. October 1973.
As the title suggests, this article covers Datsun sports cars from the first Fairlady roadster thru the 240Z.

Bryant, Thos L. "1962-1971 Datsun Sports Roadsters." Road & Track. January 1978.
Part of the "Used Car Classic" series in Road & Track. Article has history, specs and driving impressions of the Datsun Roadster. Lots of good background information. This article served as my introduction to the roadster.

Matras, John. "Datsun 2000: An English sports car from Yokohama-on-Thames." AutoWeek. March 17, 1986.
Datsun 2000 featured on the "Escape Roads" page in Autoweek. The author describes the 2000 in the perspective of its British roots and makes many comparisons of the car to the MG.

Gross, Ken. "1962-70 Datsun 1500/1600/2000 Sports." Automobile Magazine. April 1997.
Brief but accurate one page summary of the Datsun Sports in the monthly Collectible Classics section. Lists roadster values between $7500-$11,500.

Coleman, Dave. "Textbook Roadster." Sport Compact Car. November 1997.
Detailed description of Les Cannaday's restoration of a 1968 Datsun 2000 to the historical appearance and specifications of Bob Bondurant's first driving school car. Interesting story with photos old and new.

Matras, John. "1961 Datsun Fair Lady." Sport Compact Car. April 1997.
Full page summary of the "stubby" sports car that preceded the more familiar roadster.

Coleman, Dave. "Will There be a Roadster Store?" Sport Compact Car. August 1997.
A page and a half story accompaning the feature "Rebirth of the 240Z." The article describes Les Cannaday's restorations of old Datsuns and explores the question of Nissan's possible involvement in restoring roadsters.

"Different Four Strokes." Practical Classics. January 1997.
A rather rare appearance of the Datsun 2000 in a British publication. The article compares a high windschield 2000 with a Morgan, Porshe 912, Triumph TR4, and TVR Grantura. While not the favorite car, the roadster is described quite favorably.

Dinkel, John. "Z Beginning" Sports Car International. August/September 1997.
An interview with Peter Brock, John Morton, and Bob Sharp discussing the early days of Datsun racing. Two cool roadster photos.

Studdard, Tim. "Topless Dancers." Grassroots Motorsports. March/April 1998.
Article compares a 1969 Datsun 2000 against a number of classic roadsters and the Miata. Apparently, the particular Datsun 2000 used in the comparison performed poorly which is one of obvious pitfalls of collector car comparisons.

Sproule, Marc. "Retrospect: 1967 Remembered" Z Car Magazine. Jan/Feb 1998.
An interview of Bob Sharp reflecting on his first SCCA national championship in a Datsun 1600.

Sayer, Marc. "Old Datsuns Never Die, They Just Get Restored." Z Car Magazine. Spring 1997.
Story and interview about Les Cannaday's restoration shop in California. Article has numerous photos and lots of interesting information.

Strachan, Barrie. "Gone But Not Forgotten." Z Car & Classic Datsun. Mar/Apr 1998.
Background and overview of the Datsun Roadster from the 1959 S211 thru the 2000. Six pages, accurate information, lots of photos, color and black & white.