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CAR NO. SRL311- 00697
ENGINE NO. U20- 0 1 5 2 4

Owner: Norm Collings
Location: Australia

I have had my "roadster", as you in thr USA call them, since new in September 1967. It has survived two divorces, two children, and engine rebuild by me (after a timing chain broke) and a gear box rebuild by me and a knowledgeable neighbour, to replace the synchros.

A recent blown clutch has turned into a almost full restoration!!!! The body and chassis are at the panel beaters and spray painters at present, having been blasted back to bare metal.

It is almost totally original. I couldn't source the original window winder handles, so I got stronger chrome ones from an earlier model, after both the originals broke. The rear wheel arches are flared a bit after a hill climb crash (my then wife was driving, I must add!). I had to replace the window washer bag with an after market bottle. The wheels are chromed ones from a 240 Z I think. The radio was never original, as it was stolen during a test drive before I bought it.

The gear box is in Melbourne with Lou Mondello ( of whom you may have heard) and has had four new synchros, needle rollers, selector shafts and forks and so should be like new. Lou is also going to modify the distributor to convert it to transistor type.

I have ordered some new, retro design mag wheels. They are larger 15" and I will fit low profile tyres.

I have just got my first quotation for a new hood, carpets and trim.

Norm Collings (4/15/99)