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CAR NO. SRL311- 00652
ENGINE NO. U20- 0 1 3 7 6

Owner: Paul Strassmaier
Location: Oregon

My car is a former Canadian Ice Racer (see photo 2). Through an odd turn of events, my original ID plate has been recovered, and indeed, it's a 135 hp plate. The plate I had on my car (it has an unreadable vin, and 150hp.) belongs to Dave Welch in New Brunswick Canada, and belongs on his car (#699). Both cars were raced together, and at one time, the bodies got switched or something, we can't quite figure it out. Kinda neat to have the cars (and owner's) get to know each other! And how often do you find an original ID plate for your car that was lost for years! (they only made one of those!).

Anyway, here's a few original pics I meant to get to you a long time ago before the restoration was started (photos 2-5).

The color I used for the respray is code 511, Silver Gray Metallic. It is my understanding that this was available for RHD cars (mine is LHD, but I liked the color, and it wouldn't shock me to think it could have been painted on a LHD car.)

Paul Strassmaier (1/26/99)