CAR NO. SRL311- 00650
ENGINE NO. U20- 0 1 3 6 8

Owner: James Sachs
Location: British Columbia

The 'lady I am registering here is one that was bought new in November 1967 at Brasso Datsun in North Vancouver BC. for the princely sum of $3395 CDN. by my father. It is actually a '67.5 as there were no 2000's in the actual '67 model. The '67 was a 1600 with smaller front fender flares. Anyhow, my father got tired of looking for suitable places to store his car when not using it, which was most of the time as he is now 75 years old and has a bit of a tough time getting in and out of it, so settled on my carport, and rather than pay me to store it and pay for the insurance he signed it over to me. Something I have been wishing for since I was 16, some 26 years ago. The car is all original but for a new roof about 1970-71 due to a slashing incident, it is a Solex, 150 HP model with ribbed aluminum oil pan, which I believe to be quite rare. It is not currently but is quite capable of being a daily driver. Right now the odo. shows about 37000 miles. The factory "race" kit ( consisting simply of 4 rather tall, polished spun aluminum carb stacks, still in the original box. The original canvas tonneau cover is still wrapped as it came from the factory, unfortunately the plastic package it was in has not survived, although the roof boot has.

James Sachs (06/15/01)