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CAR NO. SRL311- 00635
ENGINE NO. U20- 0 1 4 0 6

Owner: Anders Andréasson
Location: Sweden

A seacaptain from Sweden on route from Japan brought the car to Sweden in 1969. It was completely new, left hand drive and probably a left over export car. The car was intended for his wife as a shopping car, but she soon got tired of the heavy steering and gear change (it's still heavy). The car was sold and even taken outside Sweden by one owner. When he moved back to Sweden, and by coincidence settled down in the small village where I live, I got my eyes on the car.

I've owned a 1973 240Z since 1980, and now am in the process of rebuilding my second 1973 240Z. These cars are 2 out of 10 sold in Sweden.

I became a friend to the Sports 2000 owner and sorry to say he died of cancer. He agreed to sell the car to me just before he died in June 1992.

During the winter month´s that first year, I did some rebuilding on the car but it was back on the road again next summer. Since then I have done some rebuilding from time to time, but the car is always on the road during the summer. I have even done some racing with the car, therefore it is lowered, the springs and shocks are stiffer, it runs on 5.5 x 14 inch KN wheels with Yokohama A008Rs tires and is equipped with a rollbar. The engine got its Solex 44PHH carburators exchanged to Weber 45 DCOE, bolt on, by the owner before me, easier to find parts for, but is otherwise stock.

Anders Andréasson (10/10/00)