CAR NO. SRL311- 00588
ENGINE NO. U20- 0 1 0 0 0

Owner: Greg Burrows
Location: Washington

I bought the car in 1985 while a student at Washington State University. I had seen it about 2 years earlier. I was into Datsun trucks, and had heard of Roadsters, but never seen one. This silver car went past me, and I just had to chase it down. I caught up to the owner and a passenger at a repair shop. The owner was selling the car to the passenger, and to seal the deal it was being inspected. I told the owner he was crazy to sell it, and as I drove off I felt a twinge of jealousy... I wanted that car!

Well, 2 years passed, and one day, on a "whim" in the dead of winter, I was coming back from class and decided to walk down the street next to mine. There was so much snow on the ground that all the cars looked like big white bumps. Well, out of one of these bumps, I happened to see these interesting tail lights sticking out... it was the Datsun! I brushed it off to make sure, then went to the house and knocked on the door. The owner was living in a fraternity and was storing the car at this particular house. When I talked to the owner, he told me the car had been sitting there for 2 years, as the sale had fallen through. We negotiated, and I bought the car, dragging it home to Seattle that summer. When I got it home, I found out why the sale had failed... it was trashed! Rust holes everywhere, engine shot, no brakes... you name it.

When I went to register the car, I was surprised to see it was a '67. I knew nothing about Roadsters, and had no idea it was anything special, accept that I loved that car! The previous owner told me that the car was from Canada. It had the 135 hp badge, but it had an earlier engine than stamped, and some indications that it had really come apart at one time... both the aluminum oil pan and the valve cover had been welded. The current engine number is 540, and the head is a non smog version.

In the end it got a body off restoration over the summer (the first I had ever done). As I went, I found that nothing about this car was stock... fender flares, interior etc. I didn't care though, I loved it as it was. My financial means were (and are) limited, but over the years I've managed to redo the body-work to where I really like the flares, add a comp suspension, solexes, cam, serious head porting, air box, electric fan, electronic ignition, header, and bigger exhaust. Next on the list is an MSD 6A, replacement dash and a new windshield. It may never be "correct" but it's me. It does what I want it to do... go fast, turn hard, and turn heads as people wonder "What kind of MG was that that just blew by me?"
Greg Burrows (7/98)