CAR NO. SRL311- 00527
ENGINE NO. U20- 0 0 9 0 9

Owner: Dirk Frisbee
Location: Missouri

SRL311-00527 was first sold Nov 8, 1967 by Troncalli Motors, Inc in Decatur, GA to Mr. Johnson of Atlanta, GA. He sold it to Boomershine Pontiac, Inc. of Atlanta, GA who sold it Dec. 12, 1971 to Mr. Villamo of Decatur, GA. On Feb. 16, 1983, Mr. & Mrs. Calkins of Bloomington, IN purchased and provided it a home until selling it to Mr. Sackmann who began to sell parts off the car. The minimal rust and generally good condition of the sheet metal are wonderful, I know a lot of you fellow owners must have appreciated the parts that came off the car, I don't suppose you would consider selling them back, eh? I'm amazed by the vitality that the car exudes, I have several other cars and this one just plain speaks to me.

I've stripped the remaining parts off the car body then towed the frame in to get straightened from its abrupt date with a railroad truck. I then stripped the frame of all suspension and strapped it on a 1968 2000 rolling frame and bolted the body on with 4 bolts. Mike Bassett of Premier Performance blasted all the junk away and revealed the true extent of the damage suffered. Mike Roeder of Roeder Restoration primed the bare metal and Fred Eickelman of Fred's Fabrication began the task of restoring the body to it's former beautiful shape. It has returned to Fred and should soon be ready to give Mike Roeder a chance to play with my idea of a cool paint job.

Dirk Frisbee (5/23/08)