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CAR NO. SRL311- 00489
ENGINE NO. U20- 0 0 9 1 0

Owner: Andrew Murphy
Location: California

SRL311-00489 is back on the road! After two months in the shop, she has received a new rear end, new brake system, new rear leaf springs, new shocks, a new Solex air cleaner assembly, a new starter motor, redone exhaust,and a rebuilt transmission.

When it went in to the shop, it was discovered that it had a rear end from a '66 in it! Some rear leaf springs had been removed (to lower the car?), and the torque link was missing. Also, anything with a rubber seal (the entire braking system) was bad. Fortunately, the engine turned out to be in good shape and the only major thing added was a solex air cleaner. Radiator was in good shape as were the clutch hydraulics. The transmission turned out to be a problem. The car would not stay in gear. So the transmission was pulled and rebuilt. There was no drivers side glass or window assembly. These were also replaced. The exhaust system had seen the PO use 2 inch pipe that was welded to the manifold and then run under the frame as it would not fit through the frame. So a flex flange was put on and the correct pipe size was run through the frame. The last thing added was a horn button which was missing when I bought the car.

So now the car drives very fast and very well. Its performance is fantastic! I couldn't be happier with the car's progress. I have yet to do any real cosmetic work on the car as I have put all of my efforts into getting it running and returned to the road. I have remounted all of the trim and badges and put the grill back on. The soft top is in remarkably good shape although the rear plastic window is yellowed beyond hope. I have an OK hard top that I will use for now.

The car has been re-registered and another 67.5 2000 is on the road! Now that I have the car resurrected from the dead, the next step will be to acquire the parts needed for its restoration. It will take about 1 year to purchase all of the parts necessary and then it goes in for restoration.

Andrew Murphy (03/16/99)