CAR NO. SRL311- 00447
ENGINE NO. U20- 0 0 X X X

Owner: Rob Robinson
Location: Virginia

My '67 is #447 (might be #441, some genius partially sandblasted the ID plate before I bought the car) I purchased it in 1989, partially restored, and completed the restoration myself. In 1996, I decided to campaign it in SCCA SOLO2 (autocross) in C-street prepared. So far I've done very well in local competition, but only mid-pack at divisional/NT events. Significant modifications include: 1" flared rear fenders (to clear 245/45/15 Hoosiers on 15x9), programmable fuel injection, LSD, and 2.25" exhaust. The car is prepared to the limit of SP rules, but unfortunately I cannot drive it to the limit of it's potential.