CAR NO. SRL311- 00318
ENGINE NO. U20- 0 0 5 9 0

Owner: John Delp
Location: Arizona

SRL311-00318 is 665 yellow, with engine block U20-00590, non Solex. I bought it several years ago here in Tucson. I owned a red '66 1600 at the time, and had owned it long enough to know I wanted the 2000 when I saw it for sale. I sold the '66 (for more than I had just bought the 2000) to a German couple, who were here on a buying trip, and I assume sent it back to Germany. There was some body damage around the headlights, and front bumper, and the right quarter panel had been repaired at some time, but still was bowed out, and the trunk floor was not flat, I guess from the same accident. The seat covers were not original, and I had no headrests. I had the paint, body work, and most of the upholstery done locally, matching the original as close as I could within my economic limits. I found a pair of headrest from someone back east. The car ran very well, but after driving it a short while, the timing chain became very noisy on startup, and I kept clogging fuel filters (we use oxygenated gas here part of the year, and it tends to lift stuff out of old gas tanks). Because of the price of the timing chains, I've kind of had to put things on hold for the last couple of years (daughter's in college, etc.), so the car has been sitting (in a garage at least), but not forgotten.