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CAR NO. SRL311- 00305
ENGINE NO. U20- 0 0 6 2 6

Owner: Ron Carter
Location: California

SRL 305 was sold by a Datsun Dealership in Jacksonville TN with the assistance of Dick Roberts of Datsun / Nissan in 1967 to Gerry Mason Sr. Nissan wanted a presence not only on the east and west coast but in the central part of the country and Gerry Mason was one of the privateers that would represent Datsun's Racing effort in the SCCA's Central Region.

Gerry purchased this roadster, prepared it and raced it effectively from 1967 to 1970, at which point Gerry saw that the new 240Z was the direction to go and he sold his roadster to Augie Englehardt. Augie raced the car from 1970 to 1981 in Pennsylvania Area, and then parked the car until 1991 when he sold the car to Bruce Konsugar. Bruce restored the car back to a street car and repainted it red. Bruce drove the car on the street from 1994 to 2001 when the car was sold to Bob Davis. Bob converted the car back into the race car you see today and raced the car in VSCCA events from 2003 to late 2004. Bob sold the car to me in early 2005. I race the car regularly in Vintage Racing events all over Southern California. In 2007 this car was raced at the Coronado Festival of Speed. The first time in 10 years that a Datsun has been invited to that event.

SRL 305 has Solex carbs, Solex "C" cam, Ross Custom Pistons, BRE header, Carillo rods, all new hardware, remote BRE oil system, Accusump, and 12.5 to 1 compression. Rear Diff is a Detroit Locker with 4.38 or 4.88 gears and panhard rod and traction bars to keep it in place. Trans is a Ultra Close Roadster Box. Suspension is nismo springs front and rear, Koni shocks front and rear, 7/8" sway bar front only. Front rotors are slotted, KFP Gold pads, Green stuff rear shoes, braided brake lines. American Racing magnesium wheels with Hoosier 205-60-14 Bias tires or Panasport Racing wheels with 205-50-15 Toyo tires. Instruments include oil temp, water temp, oil pressure, fuel pressure, egt, transponder. Fuel system is a Fuel Safe 10 gal tank mounted in the trunk, Fram canister fuel filter, electric fuel pump set at 3 3/4lbs. Lexan windshield. Halon fire system. Ultrashield racing seat and harness. Battery mounted behind the rear passenger seat. All new AN hardware throughout.

Ron Carter (1/19/08)