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CAR NO. SRL311- 00099
ENGINE NO. U20- 0 0 3 5 0

Owner: Jerry Krakauer
Location: New Jersey

I bought the car new in January 1968 directly from Nissan East Coast HQ in Secacus, NJ with the help of Bob Sharp. In late 1967, I started looking for the 67.5, but all the local dealers (weren't many back then) were just getting the smogged high windshield 68's in, which I didn't want. Remembered reading about Bob Sharp in Car&Driver or similar magazine, and then visited him in CT. He checked his contacts at Datsun HQ and called me back in about a month. Told me to bring $2,800 and drive the car home. The car did have a few hundred miles on it, but never titled or registered; the story was that it was reserved for Y. A. Katamya on his visits to NJ.

Drove the car on the street for about 2-3 years and then went racing, did suprisingly well in CP against XKEs, Lotus Elans, early 911s and some TR5/6s. Car was very quick, while not fully protofied. Ran with Solexes, Solex cam, 11.7 - 12.8 compression ratio(depending on which Sharp engine rebuild) Minilite wheels and originally a Nissan LSD with a 4.38 ratio, later a Detroit Locker with a 4.62 ratio.

Retired from racing around 1974 and have stored the car ever since. Remarkably good shape for 31 years, but I guess its partly from the fact that it has only 44,000 original miles and has been stored indoors. I want to start restoring it to street form this summer, good thing I saved everything I stripped to go racing.