CAR NO. SRL311- 00030
ENGINE NO. U20- 0 0 2 0 7

Owner: Bill O'Neil
Location: Ohio

I purchased the car in 1969 in Pittsburgh for $1,900 from a private owner who had intended to race it but decided against it. It was a street legal showroom car (headrests and all). It was originally red with black interior.

I immediately bought a set of Goodyear Bluestreaks, built a rack over the trunk lid and went Pennsylvania Hillclimb Association racing, driving the car across PA with wife and two small sons (Pit Crew).

In the next five years the car was gradually made SCCA (Regional C Production) race legal. The interior was gutted (saved), Bob Sharp front springs, sway bar and scatter shield were added. Rear leaf springs were clamped and a panhard rod installed with a 5.13 limited-slip. The engine remains stock to this day with only tuned headers and a high-output external fuel pump added.

As late as five years ago it was still doing local (Akron Sports Car Club) auto-x's. It is currently on jack-stands waiting patiently for an engine rebuild due to an exuberant over-rev at it's last event. It remains street legal and insurable in Ohio and the stock exhaust system note still turns heads.

Bill O'Neil (2/5/00)