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MAY 2007  


Datsun Racing Team - Delta Raceway - 1968

Datsun Racing Team - October 1968
"The Datsun Team sinks slowly into the "Boondocks" of West Delta Park"

The above photo features two Datsun 1600s and a 2000 of Duane Feuerhelm's Datsun Racing Team that made the trip to the regional races at Oregon's West Delta Park road circuit in October 1968 (now Portland International Raceway).

In the 30-minute FP race, Jon Woodner led at the start, only to lose out to Lotus 7-A driver Bob Wheelock and Austin-Healey Sprite campaigner Bruce Brown. These three had enjoyed some close racing all season. Jon Woodner ended up winning the North Pacific Regional F Production title, while Bruce Brown came second and Bob Wheelock came third. Bob Wheelock also took a Datsun 2000 to the ARRC that year.

While Jon finished third in class in this race, team boss Duane, who was second from last of the 32-car field at the end of the first lap, charged for the whole race to finish just one place behind him.

Duane Feuerhelm finished 3rd in the SCCA's Southern Pacific Region in 1968. Both he and Jon took their 1600s to that year's ARRC at Riverside, where Duane finished 5th, at the wheel of the second Datsun to finish, behind Bob Sharp. Jon Woodner did not finish.  

Delta Park Photo Review

The photo, which was taken by Ron Miller, was published in the October edition of 'DELTA PARK SPORTS NEWS' by Datsun's PR company Dunn Enterprises. This edition was packed with photos of the Datsun roadsters of Jack Scoville, Ray Kaehler, and the Datsun Racing Team. These and many others will be uploaded soon.

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