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JUNE 2003


John Morton VIR 1970

VIR 1970 - a wet race awaits ...  

Virginia International Raceway - VIR 1970.  In an attempt to amass out of region points to qualify in C Production at the Runoffs, Pete Brock took John Morton's BRE car east, to VIR. Here, just before the C Production race, John Morton in his BRE 2000 sits next to Donald Blatchley in his B Production Corvette and behind Bruce Jennings (Porsche #77) and Bill Weir (Lotus #91). Alongside Bill is Peter Gregg in his factory backed Porsche 911. Behind Gregg is Fitzy, in his white Datsun 2000. In the foreground is the Lotus 23 of Judy Beattie (#7) and the Lola MK1 of Bill Barnes (#26), who placed second in CSR.

Note: In practice for the above race Morton's 2000 blew a head gasket. Fitzy kindly stepped in and gave the team a spare. In the race Morton was competing against Fitzy who had already won the D Production race the day before. Fitzy led allcomers by some distance until he span in oil, which had been dumped by Bill Weir's Lotus, and ran into a field. Morton, running second, followed suit at the same spot, leaving victory to Peter Gregg in the factory Porsche. Better was later to come from the BRE's trip East, and the runoffs beckoned.

Morton's car is running Centerlines at the front, which were rarely used by the team. After testing with Centerlines in 1969, Pete Brock moved to American Racing Libres and the to his own AR Le Mans design - the Centerlines were always retained in reserve but to see them racing is unusual. According to Peter, the change was maded because they were shod with wet weather tyres.  

For more information on BRE and it's foray from the west coast, see The BRE pages.

Image coutesy of Nick England's VIR website.

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