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Joe's full floating rear

Modifications to  the Datsun 1600 Roadster rear suspension by Joe Hauser, National SCCA Champion - G Production

The modifications for a full floating set-up are fairly straightforward and are best done with a kit especially made for changing live rear housings to a full floating set up.

The kit I used was similar to that available from Frankland Racing Equipment. You will find below a picture of what the kit comprised from their catalog dated 1981.  Frankland are famous for their quick change rears.

Frankland differential kit

BABY GRAND HUB & SNOUT ASSEMBLY - Frankland Part No. 701100

The rear I used was fabricated by a local machine shop that made up similar rears for mini stockers and modified stock cars.

The modification process, after removing the housing from the car and stripping it, involves cutting off the ends to the proper length and welding on the new snouts. A bracket should then be fabricated for attaching to the backing plate. Since the backing plate had to protrude over the hub assembly, the bracket on the rear was a short piece of tubing large enough to fit over the hub. A flange was then welded on each end, one protruding on the outside in order that the brake backing plate could be fastened to it, with the other on the inside welded to the axle housing.

I used stock axle shafts, although they had to be machined to clear the inside of the new snouts. This involved removing the bearing and then machining the axle near the flange, where the oil seal is situated. I also machined a groove on the inside of the flange so that I could use an O-ring to seal the it (instead of the normal paper gasket)

This modification does not come cheap but I guarantee that the alternative is worse. I found that out when I wrecked the car and saw stars for hours after hitting a dirt bank when the rear axle broke.

Col. Joe Hauser

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