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The Jack Scott Pages


The Jack Scott Pages
Image courtesy Jack's daughter, Lee Ann

Jack Scott campaigned the Datsun roadster with some success in the late 1960s.
His black Datsun 2000 was a regular sight at Nationals and the ARRC

Along with Corky Bell, Jack Scott, from Dallas, was one of a number of Texas Datsun Roadster racers who competed in the late 1960s. Always competitive, Jack scored some impressive results in the two years that he raced his black 1967 Datsun 2000, resulting in two appearances at the ARRC.

Casper Jack

Running in the fiercely competitive C Production in 1968, with minor sponsorship from The New Datsun Co. Inc in Dallas, Jack qualified from the SCCA's South West division with Dan Parkinson (Datsun) and John Hancock of Austin, Texas (Lotus Elan). In 1969 he moved to the more competitive Hitachi SU set up in D Production, qualifying for the ARRC with Corky Bell and Willie McKemie (Elva Courier). His results appear below.

Left: Jack's logo, which appeared on the rear quarters of the 2000, was Casper.





1968 (C Production - Datsun 2000)


1969 (D Production - Datsun 2000)


Story told by Jerry Cox, Jack's Mechanic and Crew

Jack was married to my sister Lee Cox - everyone called her Scotty. Our father died when I was 12, and when I was 14 I was recruited by Jack and Lee to be their live in baby-sitter for his daughter Leann and my niece Charlotte. Their girls were both ten years younger than me - Scotty was 10 years older than me and Jack was ten years older her.

I was kinda responsible for getting Jack into racing. Slotcar racing was a big deal at the time when I moved in with Jack & Lee. He started coming to the races with me. He immediately started modifying the little motors and competing with me. Next thing I knew he was going real racing. I have a lot of great memories.

Jack was a a man of many talents and very intelligent. He was an ex-marine scared of no one. He read everything he could find on driving and taught himself to drive. He took college courses and could converse about any subject.

I was proud of what we accomplished. We did it without the Datsun support that others got. We only got what Lee Wylie from Nissan sent us (Datsun Competition awards) after a race. We certainly didn't have salt water cars or lightweight parts and no-one was sharing any secrets with us. We did all the work.

I remember at Daytona when ask edby Datsun's Japanese personnel "who was the mechanic?", Jack pointed to me (17yr old with a buzz haircut just like Jack's) . They then asked him where his crew was and he pointed to me again! I still have the Geisha Girl Trophy. I can't remember if we got it at Riverside or Daytona. After Datsun he went on to a B Sedan BMW 2002ti and ran it a couple more seasons. I had to go to college and find my own way to race later.

Jack and Lee were like Mom & Dad. They're both gone now. Jack had high blood pressure and died from a stroke. Lee died later that same year of cancer - she was 49. I was really fortunate to have spent those early years with them. Jack was a good influence on me.

Jerry Cox

Jerry himself has been racing for many years and has qualified for two of the new ARRC events at Road Atlanta. He continues the Datsun tradition in a 510 in ITC and has won 5 regional championships.

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Rob Beddington

Jack was featured in this Texas SCCA Newsletter after his first race with a new Solex-Mikuni U-20 engine, in 1968. It said:

"Probably the biggest surprise to most spectators was how Jack Scott led Dan Parkinson (both in CP Datsuns) until making a slight bobble which resulted in a flat tire. The Scott car was clearly faster than the Californian's, which was a surprise, especially to Parkinson. Jack reported that this was the first time out for a brand new engine, and it looks like the new setup will be a real headache to other C Production drivers.

"Corky Bell won F Production on his new engine and, like Scott's, this new combination looks stronger than the one it preceeded."

In the same year, Jack was also mentioned in the first 1968 Datsun Competition Report.

Texas SCCA Newsletter, 1968


 The Jack Scott Datsun Roadster Gallery
The following images from Jim Kellar, Jerry Cox and Nissan Motorsports chart Jack Scott's career through 1968 and 1969.
 (Click on thumbnails for enlargements)

Jack Scott
Ready to race - unknown track - 1968

Ponca City - 1968 Ponca City, 1968

Ponca City - 1968 Ponca City, 1968

Jack and Lotus head to head Ponca City, 1968 - head to head with a Lotus 7

Jack chasing Ponca City, 1968 - fighting for the line

Jack at MAR Mid America Raceway, 1968

Stripes appear ... Datsun Competition stripes appear ...

Riverside ARRC Riverside, 1968 - The American Roads Race of Champions - per previous image, both Jack Scott's and Jack Scoville's cars are sporting twin diagonal stripes on the fenders in the season before BRE, who have regularly been attributed as the first team to wear these stripes, came onto the scene.

Daytona Tent Daytona, 1969 - The American Road Race of Champions - again next to Jack Scoville.

Jack before the 1969 ARRC Daytona, 1969 - ARRC - click for a selection of pre-race images of Jack Scott.

Daytona, 1969 - ARRC practice - Jack alongside Jack Scoville.  Morton leads, Monise follows. This is the point on the track where both Morton and Monise fried their pistons.

1969 ARRC Daytona, 1969 - ARRC - Jack can be seen in the pack.



Many thanks go to Jerry Cox for his story and images, to  Lee Ann Sharp, nee Scott (Jack's daughter) and to Jim Kellar for a number of excellent images you see on these pages - Jim raced Datsuns himself in the 1960s - look out for further images from Jim on the Brewer's Datsun pages, the Dick Roberts pages, and the Bob Hindson pages, as well as in future important updates. The results are provided by Pete Hylton at the SCCA.

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