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 Brewer's Datsun - Roadster Racing Gallery

Doc Foerster's 1600 - 1965

In 1966, his first year driving for Brewer's Datsun, Doc Foerster raced a 1600, which in this picture can be seen behind Tommy Allen's EP Porsche 356. Doc had previously campaigned a 1500 to the American Road Race of Champions at Daytona, under the same racing number 53, but posted a DNF. This 1600 and Elouise's old 1500 were painted white for the 1967 season, when Bert Jones took over from Elouise.

Tommy Allen - Before racing his Porsche successfully in E Production, competing at the ARRC in 1966, 1967 and 1970, Tommy Allen was an early campaigner of the Datsun 1500, securing a place, albeit a DNF, at the ARRC as early as 1964 alongside Bob Sharp. He made the ARRC again in 1965, when he placed 11th, beating Doc in his 1500. In 1966, his first year campaigning the Porsche 356, Tommy competed in the Mid-West and at the ARRC against Dick Roberts, who at that time was also campaigning a Porsche 356, before Dick moved to the Datsun 1600 for 1967.

Don Gwynne photo

Ray Brewer