C L A S S I C  F A I R L A D Y  R O A D S T E R  R E G I S T E R

Diapet Collection Club Original 1/43rd die cast 'Fairlady 2000 SR311'

                     Diapet SR311 as reviewed in Classic & Sportscar Magazine, September 1992                               Coincidentally, the Fujimi 1/24th kit was reviewed in the same magazine.       

This model was imported in small quantities in various colours (I have seen red, white and blue versions) in 1991.  The UK price was £42.95 (about $63!).  The model represented a reissue of an original Yonezawa model of the 1960s high screen 2000. Classic & Sportscar magazine correctly described the model as 'crude' in a contemporary review.  In keeping with the 1960s Japanese model car production method, the whole model is chrome plated and the bodywork is then painted. The paint is then removed from the lights and chrome trim to reveal the plating.  The model is quite heavy and has separate cast seats, dash, steering wheel and gearstick, all in metal. In addition, the model features plated bumpers and windscreen surround.  The windscreen itself is perspex and the wheels have separate cast hubcaps.  

The box is also similar to the 1960s offerings.  It is plain cardboard with a top flap and a sticker describing the model on one end.  Numbered 185-01803.

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