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Bob Studdard Pages

Bob Studdard

National SCCA Champion - E Production, 1987

Bob Studdard, from Sandersville Georgia, (later of Tennille, Georgia) raced in the SCCA's Atlanta Region. In the early 1970s, he was already dicing with the likes of Jim Fitzgerald and Linda Sharp (racing her ex-Fitzy 'Salt Damaged Roadster') in his 1967 D Production Datsun 2000, and it was not long before his results were sufficient to qualify him for the CSPRRC National Runoffs, held at Road Atlanta each year.

In 1978 Bob made the last National runoffs won by a 2000 (Tom Brennan) in D Production, but did not finish. When the SCCA disbanded D Production after the 1983 season, the 2000 Roadster was reclassified in EP, and Bob found himself competing against Lotuses, MGBs and Alfa Romeos, as well as the ex-DP Porsches and Triumphs.

Bob raced his car under his company name, R.J. Studdard & Son. In the early years he did a lot of the work himself, but as his business, a clothing company, became more successful, he employed the talents of Bill Underwood and Mark Womack (engine man) to prepare the car. Bob concentrated on the driving.

Undoubtedly Bob's best spell at the wheel was from 1987 to 1989, when he achieved front row of the grid at the Nationals three years running. Although Bob was to crash out of the 1989 race, his showing in the '87 and '88 Runoffs was a different story, and details appear below. Click on the images for the full Runoff results.

1987 EP Results


Qualifying 2nd to Dave McDowell, another Datsun 2000 campaigner,  1987 saw Bob in the winner's circle. After an excellent start, he led the race from start to finish. Indeed, Bob recorded the fastest lap for E Production at Road Atlanta during the race. Polesitter Dave McDowell dropped back to 5th in the early stages, although following the retirements of Jerry Hinkle (Lotus Super 7 Series IV), Joe Cogbill (Porsche 356) and Paul Spruell (1971 Alfa Spider), Dave regained 2nd place in lap 7 and maintained this position for the rest of the race, finishing just 4.5 seconds behind Bob Studdard.

Apart from the Jack Scoville/Dan Parkinson 1-2 in 1969, this was the only other SCCA National Runoffs to see a 1-2 finish for the Datsun Roadster.

Bob's victory was to be the Datsun roadster's last National Championship, over 17 years after roadster production ceased, and 20 years after Bob's own car had rolled off the production line.

1988 EP Results


1988 also saw Bob on the podium, this time taking 2nd place to the 1985 and 1986 Champion (and Bob's closest rival), Paul Spruell*, in his Alfa Romeo. Joe Cogbill placed 3rd. The margin of victory/defeat was an amazing 0.395 seconds, a record. In an interview I held with Paul, he commented as follows:-

"Bob and I ran wheel to wheel for the 1988 E-Production SCCA National championship at Road Atlanta. It was the smallest margin of victory in history and that record still stands. I still get goosebumps watching the Valvoline footage of Bob and me touching door-handles under Nissan bridge on the last lap. To me it was the sweetest of victories and a most memorable racing tale. Bob ran a great race".

*As well as battling against Bob Studdard, 4 x National Champion Paul Spruell's first ever race saw him up against Datsun Roadster campaigner Jim Fitzgerald, and his first National Championship (G Production, Daytona, 1969) saw him victorious over Joe Hauser, who at that time was racing his Sprite. Paul was awarded the President's Cup in 1969 for his GP performance.

Following Bob's success in the Roadster he was later to move on to campaign Datsun Z cars.

Rob Beddington

Bob Studdard Gallery

Bob Studdard Gallery

The 1987 grid - front row Dave McDowell and Bob Studdard line up on the front row of the grid for the E Production Runoffs
1987 CSPRRC, Road Atlanta, Lap 1
Bob leads the pack Bob leaves the pack behind
1987 CSPRRC, Road Atlanta, Lap 1
Studdard leads, McDowell follows Bob leads, Dave McDowell follows
1987 CSPRRC, Road Atlanta, latter stages

1987 Runoffs

Bob out in front
1987 CSPRRC, Road Atlanta - Alan Poindexter photo

B/W side view

Further shot of Bob at the Runoffs
1987 CSPRRC, Road Atlanta
B/W front view Later shot of Bob at the wheel of #79
1989 CSPRRC, Road Atlanta

At Road Atlanta

Colour shot at Road Atlanta
1989 CSPRRC, Road Atlanta - Alan Poindexter photo


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Rob Beddington

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