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 C L A S S I C  F A I R L A D Y  R O A D S T E R  R E G I S T E R

BRE logo


BRE Roadster tub
1968 photograph showing BRE shell and rollcage


1986cc, SOHC U20 engine (0.040 overbore). Compression ratio 12.8:1 (up from 9.5:1). Series 77 main bearings and rods. Crankshaft and con rods lightened, shotpeened and balanced with pistons. Head and intake manifold ported, polished and cc'd. Valves lightened, reshaped and polished. BRE aluminium flywheel. 

Pistons Venolia forged domed.
Camshaft BRE 02, adjustable timing, (manufactured by Iskenderian to BRE spec.) Oil spray bar fitted, lubricating the cam followers.

Custom built 1 1/2" diameter equal length headers, dumping into 3" collector, exiting ahead of the drivers' side rear wheel.

Output 1969 figures (BRE) - Hitachi/SU: 175-180hp - Mikuni/Solex: 185-195hp
Redline 8,000rpm
Other engine features Datsun competition 7 qt oilpan, BRE remote oil unit, filter in right fender, oil cooler behind right headlight opening. Datsun competition low drag alternator. 
Electrics Lightweight British aircraft battery
Cooling system Competition 3" wide radiator
Clutch 200mm metallic/asbestos clutch disk, matched to heavy duty pressure plate. BRE also used a lightweight plastic clutch scatter-shield
Transmission Datsun close ratio 5 Speed
Differential Detroit Locker - 5.13 or 4.62 LSD
Brakes: Front Stock calipers - Ferodo DS11 pads
Brakes: Rear Stock 13/16" pistons - Datsun Competition 'Green Stuff' linings
Springs: Front BRE Yellows
Springs: Rear BRE Squirrellies, a Mac Tilton design (BRE crew member), manufactured by Hollywood Spring & Coil. (BRE offered these to other Datsun Roadster race teams on the West Coast).
Shocks Front: Koni adjustable, BRE part No. 2351460
Rear:  Koni adjustable, BRE part No. 2351461
Swaybar: Front BRE 1" non-adjustable
Swaybar: Rear None
Wheels Four spoke American Racing wheels, designed by Pete Brock - Frank Monise's car featured split rim Cragar wheels in early 1969
Bodywork BRE SPOOKTM - the original SPOOKTM was not a bolt on item - fenders and the front apron had to be extended before fitment.
Other Full roll cage built into the tub



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