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APRIL 2007  

Datsun 1600 endurance race car - before and after

"Datsun wins endurance victory"

1967 - Dan Parkinson and Lee Herbert's Datsun 1600 - during and after the race ...

DATSUN NEWS press release July 1967: "Datsun adds another racing victory to its record with an incredible win at Riverside, Calif. 6 hour enduro the first week in July. A 1600cc Datsun Sports Car scored 4th overall and 1st in class, leading 53 cars across the finish line in a gruelling test of automotive stamina. The only cars to travel further in the six hour test were two Mustang Sedans and a Shelby GT350 Mustang Fastback; all three Mustangs were equipped with 289CID (4240cc) engines.

Endurance type racing is a new experience for the Datsun Racing Team that has competedsuccessfully this year in National Championship spring racing. Dan Parkinson and Lee Herbert, Datsun's Team drivers, split the driving, each taking a three-hour shift. Herbert took the first half of the race and the two drivers shifted when Herbert made the only pit stop of the race. When the race was over the Datsun had outrun or outlasted all but the three large engined front runners for an important Fouth Overall. Just how rough the race was, is evidenced by the "before and "after" pictures of the winning Datsun. Congratulations to our winners and ... Well done, Datsun.

For further information on Dan Parkinson's roadster racing history, and the history of Dan's most-raced Datsun, visit the 'Parky' pages.

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