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The David Pina Years


The David Pina Years, 1975 to Date

David Pina bought #00701 on June 1st 1975. David repainted the car white with blue side panels and, from 1976 to 1977 he started competed in Solo 1 and Solo 2 Classes. This racing included the 1/4 mile banked oval at San Jose Speedway.

During 1977 David attended SCCA School at Holtville and Willow Springs. Later that year, until 1979, David raced in D Production at Sears Point and Laguna Seca. 1978 was a very successful year indeed, with 5 First in Class finishes and 1 Second in Class.  These results brought David the D Production Regional Championship in that year.

1979 was unfortunately a disastrous year and included 4 'Did Not Starts' and 1 'Did Not Finish'. Initially planning to 'sit out' the 1980 season to spend more time with his family, David finally decided to retire from racing altogether. That was until 1999, when David decided on a full restoration of #00701.  In the year 2000, 21 years after being laid up, #00701 was back autocrossing, albeit in grey primer, once again with David behind wheel.

I will be updating these pages with David's progress.

David Pina's #00701 Gallery


Images of SRL311-00701 under David Pina's ownership

Davd Pina at Sears Point

David at the wheel of #00701 - Sears Point

#00701 at speed

Another shot of David and #00701 at speed

After another win

David with #00701 after another victory

#00701's Results under David Pina's ownership


Date Venue Result (if known)
4/3-4/1976 Sears Point Regional n.k.
4/7/1977 Laguna Seca Time Trial DNS
8/7/1977 San Jose Speedway, Solo 1 1st
9/23-24/1977 Can Am Sears Point Regional 5th (Blown Tyre)
10/1977 Sears Point, Solo 1 1st
11/5/1977 Sears Point Regional 1st
11/6/1977 Sears Point RDC Enduro Broke axle at 1hr
4/22/1978 Sears Point Regional 1st
5/19-22/1978 Sears Point Regional/Trans Am 1st
6/3-4/1978 Laguna Seca Regional 1st
7/15-16/1978 Laguna Seca Regional 2nd


1st Pacific Coast RRC, Sears Point DNF
10/21/78 Laguna Seca Regional 1st
8/10/1979 Sears Point National DNS
9/22-23/1979 2nd Pacific Coast RRC, Sears Point DNS

Technical Specifications

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