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The Kirk Allegro Years


The Kirk Allegro Years 1972-1973

On 19th April 1972, Dan Parkinson sold #00701 to Kirk Allegro, a parts man and mechanic on Pete Brock's BRE Team since 1970. Kirk raced the car with the Hitachi/SU spec. for one season in D Production, achieving some impressive results. He finished the season placed 3rd, behind Don Devendorf in a Triumph GT6 Mk111 and Dan Parkinson in his new Datsun 2000.

Kirk - ARRC, 1972
1972 ARRC - The Esses, Road Atlanta
Kirk chases down Dave Dooley (Autohaus GT6+) and Ray Kaehler (Datsun 2000)
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Kirk's results in the 1972 season were sufficient to achieve an automatic invitation to the 1972 ARRC at Road Atlanta. Placed third near the end of the race, Kirk recalls that he slowed, believing that the fourth place car had a tyre problem. At the last moment the fourth placed driver, none other than the ex-owner of Kirk's car, Dan Parkinson, accelerated, passing Kirk and relegating him to fourth place overall. Although not an official BRE car, Kirk entered the ARRC under Pete Brock's Interpart banner. Coincidentally, victory in the 1972 Runoffs went to Bob McQueen in an ex-BRE Datsun 2000, his second consecutive National championship.

1972 DP Entry List

1972 DP Runoff Results

During Kirk's ownership, #00701 was substantially modified, using many specialist BRE and contemporary race fitments. Many of these still feature on the car today, and these are detailed on the Technical Specifications page.

The BRE Roadster that wasn't

Kirk's 2000 Roadster was also used for a Datsun TV Commercial, which is a rare find today. By the time the commercial was commissioned, Pete Brock had already sold the #44 car (of Frank Monise and John McComb) to Bob McQueen, and the #46 car (of John Morton) to Gene Felton. The commercial included John Morton's Trans Am Datsun 510, his 240Z, a 1600 Roadster, an Off Road racing truck and the African Safari winning Sedan. To replace the BRE Roadster which Nissan/Datsun required for the shoot, Pete Brock arranged for Kirk's Roadster to be painted up in the BRE colours, a colour scheme the car retained for the 1972 Runoffs. The car was given the racing number 45.

BRE - 1970
The BRE Team, 1970 - Kirk is 2nd from left
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When Pete Brock decided to pull out of racing altogether before the 1973 season, he sold his 240Zs to Dan Parkinson and Logan Blackburn, and disbanded the team. Kirk Allegro, after a successful year in his own right, also decided to sell #00701.

(See also the history of the BRE Roadsters)

#00701's Results under Kirk Allegro's ownership


Date Venue Result (if known)
4/22/1972 Willow National       n.k.
5/24/1972 R.I.R Reg/Nat n.k.
9/3/1972 Utah National n.k.
9/16/1972 Willow National n.k.


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